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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

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Syringa vulgaris "Etna"

Lemoine, 1927. Shrub is relatively weak growing, bushy, steep, and cylindrical. Shoots give a small increase, greenish-brown.

Panicle groups form 1-2 pairs of buds. In some years, the panicles are very large, even 25-30 cm long, 20 cm wide, while usually 21-23 cm long, 18 cm wide. Panicles are moderately dense.

Flowers are dark purple, simple, diameter 23-25 mm. Petals are round, with pronounced raised edges, the underside lighter. This variety is late. It blooms moderately and not every year, but in some years it blooms especially abundantly.

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"Etna" Syringa vulgaris

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