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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

Nursery Vidzemē phone: 29229933 e-mail: info@vidzemescerini.lv
Branch Kurzemē phone.: 29219170 e-mail: baiba.pira@inbox.lv
We use the PIRS INTERIOR Sia structural unit for export
  • "Krasavitsa  Moskvi"    Syringa vulgaris


Syringa vulgaris "Krasavitsa  Moskvi"   

DI lilac group. Probably, it is the most popular and recognised variety of lilac in the world. If you don't already have a lilac in the garden, you have to start with this. There will be no disappointment.

Flower buds are large, pinkish purple. Flowers are white, with a pale purple panicle, medium-sized, stuffed, and very aromatic. Shrubs are of medium height, broad, with strong branches. It blooms moderately, but for a long time, moderately early. Used for landscaping and flower cutting.

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"Krasavitsa Moskvi" Syringa vulgaris

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