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Syringa vulgaris “Pamyat o Kolesnikove” „Tribute to Kolesnikov”

Mironovich, Kolesnikov, 1974, Russia. DI flower group

It is a special, unusual variety of lilac. Its large, small polyantha rose-like flowers do not lose their shape until the last moment of flowering. Flower buds are cream-colored, flowers are pure white, up to 3 cm in diameter, stuffed, consist of 3 crowns with a light aroma. Petals are oval, raised, covering the centre of the flower. Inflorescences are large, consisting of 1 pair of broad pyramidal flat, firm faces. The leaves are large, bright green. Shrubs are of medium height, spread out with strong, grey shoots. It blooms abundantly for a long time, medium late. A highly decorative, exclusive variety


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Syringa vulgaris ''Pamyat o Kolesnikove''

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