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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

Nursery Vidzemē phone: 29229933 e-mail: info@vidzemescerini.lv
Branch Kurzemē phone.: 29219170 e-mail: baiba.pira@inbox.lv
We use the PIRS INTERIOR Sia structural unit for export

Syringa vulgaris “Andenken an Ludvig Spaeth”

One of the most sought after dark purple lilacs. Iconic. SVII lilac group

Large, bushy shrubs are up to 4 m tall. Flowers are simple, purple with a purple tinge. It blooms late, prolongs the lilac flowering time. It likes sunny places. The variety is resistant to environmental pollution. It is tolerant to drought and city unfavourable conditions.

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"Ludwig Spaeth" Syringa vulgaris, "Andenken an Ludwig Spath"

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