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  • "Olympiada Kolesnikova" Syringa vulgaris

Syringa vulgaris "Olympiada Kolesnikova"

DV lilac group

The author of this lilac variety is the famous breeder Kolesnikov, who named it after his wife.

The height of the bush is about 2.5-3 m, width about 2.5 m.

The branches are steep, with long, dark first-year shoots, which is a characteristic feature of this variety.

Inflorescences are large, up to 28 cm, very decorative, especially at a time when volet-purple flower buds emerge soft pink flowers.

The flowers consist of petals in three crowns.

The petals are bent on all sides and look confusingly playful.

Very fragrant!

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"Olympiada Kolesnikova" Syringa vulgaris

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