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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

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  • ''Mulatka" Syringa vulgaris

Syringa vulgaris „Mulatka”

Mihailov, Rybkina, 1956, Ukraine

Flower buds are rounded, saturated purple. Flowers are purple-lilac with notes of "chocolate" that change to purple during flowering. Flower diameter is 2-2.5 cm, simple, with a strong, very pleasant aroma. There is no other variety in the world lilac collection with such an unusual, original colouring! Petals are almost round, flat, tending to donate. Inflorescences are large, open, steep, forming 3-5 pairs of broad pyramidal, medium-sized and medium-dense faces. The leaves are dark green, broad ovoid with characteristic, slightly wavy leaf edges. Shrub is 2.5-3 m tall with strong, long shoots. It blooms earlier than ordinary lilac, very abundant. Unique colour and stunning aroma!  

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''Mulatka" Syringa vulgaris

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