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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

Nursery Vidzemē phone: 29229933 e-mail: info@vidzemescerini.lv

We use the PIRS INTERIOR Sia structural unit for export
  • "Mme Nadja N`" Syringa hyacinthifloora

Syringa hyacinthiflora „Mme Nadja N`”

Origin – Piccoplant nursery, Germany; D IV

It is a brilliantly beautiful variety of stuffed lilac that blooms earlier than ordinary lilac with a divine aroma. The flower buds are dark purple, change little colour when opened, only at the very end of flowering the flowers become slightly lighter and become bright purple. It is useful for cutting flowers. It loves sunny growing place, moist, drained soil.    

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"Mme Nadja N`" Syringa hyacinthifloora

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