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Nursery "Vidzemes ceriņi"

Nursery Vidzemē phone: 29229933 e-mail: info@vidzemescerini.lv

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Syringa vulgaris „Mechta”

Kolesnikov, 1941, Russia, S III-IV lilac group

Shrub is small, about 2 m tall, spread out bent. Panicles usually consist of 1 pair of panicles, 20-30 cm long, about 15 cm in diameter. Flower buds are silvery purple. Flowers are simple, up to 3 cm in diameter, blue-purple with light spots at the base of the petals and pink underside of the petals. This variety is late, long retains its decorative appearance. It blooms profusely every year.

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Syringa vulgaris "Mechta"

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