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Syringa vulgaris „Arthur William Paul”

Lemoine, 1898, France. Lilac group VII

Shrub is compact, 2-2.5 m tall, young shoots are dark crimson. The leaves are dark green.

Panicle groups are small to medium 15-20 cm long, 8-16 cm wide. They form 1-2 pairs of panicles.

Flower buds are purple, flowers are dark purple, stuffed, 3 rows of crowns. The third row is often of 2-3 petals. The petals or crowns of the second and third rows are whitish and glow like small stars. The light colour contrasts brightly with the colour of the dark flowers. Flowers are 16-17 mm in diameter, odour is weak.

It blooms every year, but not very abundantly.

Late variety, it blooms on June 7 until June 23.

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"Arthur William Paul" Syringa vulgaris

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